My Turnover increased by 30% in 2 months :

I deal in storage systems required for Industries, factories, offices, schools and colleges. I have standard products of all reputed make. I came in contact with Mr. Dixit through a common acquaintance. After studying the vastu of my office, Mr. Dixit suggested a few remedies which were compatible with my office. Within two months of the changes, my business flourished and the turnover increased by 30%.

Sumukh Joshi
Oasis, Thane

Labour problems in my company solved :

I own an engineering company which deals in Sheet Metal components. For a long time I was not getting sufficient orders and was not getting appropriate labour for the works. After I met Mr. Dixit, he studied the vastu of my company and home and suggested some important changes and remedies. Immediately after I made those changes, I got very good results and more importantly the labour problem of my company was resolved instantly. As a result, our orders increased and the output of my company increased manifold.

Ulhas Soparkar
M/s. Krishna Metal, Thane

I contacted Mr. Subhash Dixit and asked him to visit my house in Pune. After he visited and studied the vastu of my house, he suggested a few changes and also asked me to install a few pyramids at specific places. I did as he had suggested and within a few days the whole atmosphere of my house changed. The change was so palpable that all of us could actually feel the positivity. Mr. Dixit visited my house ten years back and had suggested the vastu changes back then, in these ten years the our life has changed completely. My elder son has completed his Master of Science (MS) in US and the younger son scored 85% in his 12th standard.

Mrs. Devyani Giridhar

I came to know about the vastu practice of Mr. Subhash Dixit, through a close relative. And I also saw the positive changes which were brought into the relative’s house after Mr. Dixit’s consultation and vastu suggestions. Seeing this, I also got in touch with Mr. Dixit and asked him to study our house also. After he visited our house, Mr. Dixit not only suggested changes but also explained to me in simple words the science behind each change and what changes they are likely to make in my life and that of my family. And, almost like a miracle, in ten years after consulting Mr. Dixit, my life changed, so did my career. I completed my Masters in Engineering (ME) and today am posted in top position in a big company. It was my parent’s dream to see my in a top position which has now come true. Even my father who works with the government got promoted to the rank of a Gazetted officer.

Mr. Sankalp Giridhar

I deal with electro-systems mainly used by industries and have a huge set-up with a sizeable clientele. I got introduced to Mr. Subhash Dixit 5 years back at that time, my business was going through a slump. Even though I had orders in hand, the orders, for some reason were not materializing. I discussed my predicament with Mr. Dixit and asked him to visit my office. After visiting my office Mr. Dixit suggested some changes and installations of pyramids. He also explained me the significance of each one of them and even told me how they will bring positive change in my business. I immediately did what he has asked me to and within no time I started getting results and in a span of two months my business not only got back on track but also increased manifolds and continues to run smoothly even today.

Mr. Sunil Gogate
Director, Sayali Electrosystems

We are brothers who stay and work in Pune. We jointly owned a plot of land on the outskirts of Pune which we decided to develop and build our house on it. Since it was an open plot we decided to develop and construct the house as per vastu norms. We got in touch with Mr. Dixit and sought his advice. From day one, Mr. Dixit, personally supervised the entire vastu process, right from the ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ till the final touches to the house, everything has been done as per vast under the able guidance of Mr. Dixit. Such was the effect of the vastu and Mr. Dixit, that a middle class family like ours was able to complete the house in record time 7 years ago and the house remains our most prized possession till date.

Mr. Vivek Giridhar and Mr. Manoj Giridhar